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Newhattan: Who are we?


To teach children that they are unique individuals, and still part of a larger group; and that being a part of a group doesn’t mean conformity, it means compromise.

To develop lifelong learners with a hunger for ongoing education and the confidence, capacity and curiosity to be independent thinkers who can adapt to a changing world.

To encourage confidence through achievement and the ability to learn from setbacks and missteps which are vital to the holistic development of a person.


Incredible teachers who are energetic, passionate, critical thinkers, able to adapt to each child’s needs.

Cutting-edge curriculum including dual-language immersion, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, arts, pyhsical edication and wellness, and global competency…all adapted for the 0-5 year set!

Clean, bright learning centers with an emphasis on clean!

Not a Cookie-Cutter Chain

All classes are constructed to be age and developmentally appropriate – cognitive, social/emotional and physical development are the pillars of every class. That said we modify as we see fit based on the individual needs of the children in the room and the class as a whole. Every child is unique so it stands to reason education is not “one size fits all.”


For Newhattan to become a national franchise and the leader of western early childhood education in China.