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What’s Different About First Five?

Welcome to First Five, a special place for your children to learn and grow during their first five years!


Here are just some of the attributes that make First Five a destination activity center, far different from cookie-cutter chains.

All classes are constructed to be age and developmentally appropriate – cognitive, social/emotional and physical development are pillars of every class. Everything, from the way class begins to what skills are worked on in our movement space, is very intentional and meant to support long term development for an active, happy learner.

There are no cookie-cutter rules applied to our curriculum – we modify as we see fit based on the needs of the individual students in the room and the class as a whole. Every child is unique so it stands to reason education is not “one size fits all.”

Consistency – we work very hard to make sure everything about our program is consistent, which in turn makes your child feel safer and more comfortable, so they can develop a love of learning.

Clean – we clean, clean, then clean again. Your child’s health and safety are our top priorities.

Unlimited Make-Ups within the semester – No worries, no stress. If your child can’t make class, call us and come another time. A sick child is a very unhappy, and ineffective, learner. Keep them home and call us for a make-up in any age appropriate class, no questions asked.

Unlimited Exploration– our movement, art and music exploration times are included with your class registration. These are great opportunities for your child to continue practicing what they learned in class, at their own pace and in a clean, safe place

Well rounded – It’s all under one roof: First Steps Learn and Play, First Scribbles Art, First Notes Music, My First Stage and My First Classroom! Thoughtful teacher led activities are designed to inspire a love of learning and foster a child’s natural curiosity with tactile, auditory, visual and kinesthetic stimulation.

We know kids under 5-The first 5 years are unique in a child’s development, they will never learn or grow faster than right now. The blueprint for their cognitive development, personality and social behavior is being drawn in these years. Our community of teachers and coaches get to know you, your child and your family. It’s our privilege to help develop each child’s unique gifts, support them as they work through their challenges and help parents enjoy and foster what makes their child truly special. We know being a child’s first teacher is a special privilege and we take that responsibility seriously!